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Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
200 E. Market St.
San Antonio, TX 78205
Tel 210.207.8500
Toll-Free 877.504.8895
Fax 210.223.1495

Why Exhibit?

Your participation in AADE plugs you into a nationwide network of diabetes educators. Interacting within this community, demonstrating product benefits and providing samples can help you secure their product recommendation and create immediate and long-lasting purchase influence with thousands of diabetes patients across the country.

AADE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition attracts health professionals who share a passion for promoting diabetes self-management to their patients: how to accurately monitor blood glucose levels, engage in exercise, adopt healthy eating habits, and cope with specific diabetes emotional and physical challenges. Self-management education also includes helping patients select products that best manage their diabetes.

Are the 12,000 members of AADE familiar with your products? If not, they can’t recommend them to their patients.

AADE Delivers a Multidisciplinary Community of Diabetes Care Professionals to Your Booth

Professional Discipline
51.7% Registered Nurse
30.6% Registered Dietitian
5.9% Nurse Practitioner
2.4% Registered Pharmacist
9.4% Other
Practice Setting
35.9% Hospital
32.3% Clinic/Office
5.8% Public Health
4.8% Industry
4.8% Self Employed
2.5% School/University
13.9% Other
Years as AADE Member
34.8% 10 years or more
14.9% 6-9 years
28% 2-5 years
18.3% 1 year or less
4% not a member
Age Group
10% 20-35
36% 36-50
51.1% 51-65
2.9% Over 65
Who Pays Expenses for Registration
53.2% Employer pays 100%
31.3% Educator pays 100%
15.5% Employer/Educator share costs
Who Pays Expenses for Travel/Hotel/Meals
40.5% Employer pays 100%
20.1% Educator pays 100%
39.4% Employer/Educator share costs
AADE Member
96.1% Yes
3.9% No

Diabetes Educators are interested in learning more about the following products and services for their patients.

  • automatic and needleless injectors
  • blood glucose meters
  • blood sampling instruments
  • consumer and institutional supplies
  • continuous glucose monitors
  • diagnostic tools
  • dietary and weight management programs
  • educational products
  • erectile dysfunction treatment
  • exercise equipment
  • eye care/vision screening
  • footwear and podiatric care
  • healthy food/nutritional supplements
  • inpatient treatment programs
  • insulin delivery systems
  • market research
  • medical ID jewelry
  • needle and lancet disposal
  • over the counter medicine
  • oral agents
  • oral health/dental care
  • prescription drugs
  • skin care, hand/nail products
  • software
  • storage & travel kits
  • teaching aids
  • wound care products